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We have been hiring Hilde’s PR-services since September 2016, in order to increase the visibility of Skyscanner in the Netherlands (online as well as print & TV-media). Skyscanner is very focussed on measuring PR-results, which can be difficult. Hilde has an open mind and works transparently. As a result, together we found ways to measure results. It is great to work with Hilde, she always has lots of ideas, is enthusiastic, straightforward and works hard to get the best results.
Marijke Cortenbach, Growth Executive Skyscanner

Hilde knows exactly how to find the right angles to secure amazing and compelling press coverage in the Netherlands. She's able to work independently and is a self-starter; she doesn’t need much guidance or explanation of the products or services of our customers. As Hilde is a seasoned PR-Consultant she knows which reporter to contact and what specific content they need to get the right media results. 
Chad Torbin, Principal Speakeasy Strategies, US

"Hilde Kok is my go-to freelancer in the Netherlands. Her vast experience, media relations and her understanding of technology, lifestyle and consumer press makes her a valuable PR pro. I know I can count on her to get results and quality coverage. It's a true pleasure working with Hilde as she is always professional, courteous and flexible."
Alice Suh, Head of Global PR Deezer

“Hilde knows exactly what Dutch publications want and her relationships within the media are second-to-none. The calibre and quantity of coverage she secures regularly for clients is testament to the trust and respect journalists have for her.”
Jillian Alexander, Alexander PR, London

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